What’s your fav?

Every week we will give you a topic and you have to reply in a comment telling us what your favorite kind of that topic is. Please do it! Thanks!

This weeks topic is, climbing holds!





type you answer in the comments!


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An UNHalloweeny event?

sadly enough, we couldn’t get any pictures of our teachers in their Halloween costumes but, we will post the videos of the teachers eating the potatoes! we will put them up at about this time tomorrow and you will see them scarfing down warm baked potatoes! we hope you look on our blog sometime tomorrow to see our videos.

NinJa :3

Take your pick!

Dear Students of Nevin Platt CHOICE,
Sence I was not able to put a poll on out site, (Which is a voting add) here’s what you should do… Please add a comment on are web site and send us your the person who would win in a scary contest! we will then add up all the tallies and post who the scariest teacher in CHOICE is, in order. Try to get your comments in as soon as possible, So we can get the word out.



Publishing & Posting!

Sadly enough, we are not going to post everyday but we will at least once every three days so don’t worry if you think we are stopping our blog just because we haven’t posted fro two days we will keep this blog going for a long time! Feel free to post on our site whatever and whenever you want on our blog and we will always look at them and reply UNLESS, you type at the beginning of the post, DON’T REPLY and we won’t reply to that post. if you go to Nevin Platt CHOICE or BCSIS or Douglass you might recognize some of these people!


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